Are you a little salty or a little sweet — or perhaps a little bit of both? Is your favourite National snack a reflection of your personality? With so many enticing goodies in our product line, we understand if you occasionally experience a little identity crisis. Choosing a favourite National treat can be difficult, and we work hard to keep it that way.

Snacking Is Fundamental

From our early days of operation, we found that Jamaicans of all ages enjoy our products. We are proud to know that sentiment continues today. You’ll find many of your old favourites have been given a makeover in packaging, but you’ll be just as satisfied with the taste. Whether you’re snacking because you’re feeling a little “peckish,” or you need to satisfy a craving, we’re happy to oblige. All your National treats are ideally portioned so you can get your fix without any guilt.

You Can Have Them All

Who says you have to choose? Breakfast, lunch, dinner or between meals are perfect times for any National treat:

  • Our hardo breads are notorious for giving your sandwiches that extra delicious flavour. If you’re having fried fish, jerked pork or anything curried, you know the difference our breads make.
  • Choose any of our crackers — with our without fillings for a light and satisfying escape.
  • Need a sweet snack? Our cookies, buns and bullas are pretty hard to resist. Don’t forget our caramel popcorn and selection of peanuts.

Of course, you know National Baking Company is 100% committed to your health and well-being. We pay close attention to the ingredients used and exercise quality control throughout the entire process.

Just Give In

We understand if you can’t pick just one National treat. We love making it difficult for you to choose, and we make it even harder by regularly bringing you new, tantalising products. From the packaging to the aroma, with National, there’s no mindless snacking — it’s a soul-satisfying experience. Next time you’re grocery shopping make sure you get enough for the entire household. Running out of your family’s favourite snacks could make for some pretty intense moments. You can solve that problem easily by visiting our wholesale outlets. Don’t forget that you can also shop online with National!