National Baking in London

For many Jamaicans, the United Kingdom is home away from home. Our ties as a former British colony mean a strong entwining of British and uniquely Jamaican customs. This connection remains strong with the large populations of Jamaican immigrants and the flow of Jamaicans to the former mother country that still continues today.

Meeting Needs

Countries with large populations of immigrants naturally see an influx of goods and services catering to these groups. Jamaicans in the UK missing traditional foods from home saw an opportunity, and eventually found ways to import products and establish shops to satisfy those with similar needs. Manufacturers in Jamaica seeing the growing opportunities, naturally started distributing products to the emerging markets.

National, of course, would not miss out on the opportunity to enter this new market. We first exported to the UK in the early 1990s, and our Easter bun was actually the first product exported. Because of the strong Easter traditions in Jamaica, the Jamaican Easter buns were a huge factor in opening the door for bringing our other products to London.

Since the 1990s, we’ve added new spice buns under our National and HTB brands. The Jamaican bread London markets expect hasn’t changed either, especially the popular Giant Hardo bread. We offer other varieties of sliced and Hardo breads, including the new Healthy Start line. National also makes biscuits, crackers, and snacks that are appealing to adults as well as children.

Taking Charge

As the potential in the UK market became more apparent,  it was only natural that we eventually established a distribution centre. The London distribution centre serves London, Greater London, Manchester, Birmingham, and North Hampton.

Our goal is to get our products to our customers in a way that reflects our standards. Availability, quality, and price are among the advantages gained by having a distribution centre close to our overseas market.

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UK Strong

Of course, we’re not just interested in selling products to you — we look forward to opportunities to hear from you in person. Our jerk festival and other activities provide fun ways for us to engage and also for us to understand how we can improve our service to you.

So, UK, look out for National Baking Company. We have big things in store!