Parents, do you look forward to this time of the year or approach it with dread? One would think the start of the school term means freedom now that kids aren’t underfoot 24/7. Unfortunately, back-to-school time can mean more stress for many parents.

Financial Demands

Getting kids ready for the new school year can take quite a bite out of your budget. When kids experience those alarming growth spurts during the summer break, new shoes and uniforms are a must. Of course, there are the lengthy book lists and items for extracurricular activities.

Even when you feel you can’t manage, you always make it through. That’s what we do as Jamaicans. Financing your children’s education is an investment in their future. There are also organisations and individuals willing to shoulder some of these burdens.

No Rest for the Weary

Raising children is a full-time job. During holiday breaks, parents might have a little more time to breathe. However, back-to-school time and the rest of year might mean additional tasks including:

  • Helping with homework
  • Getting clothes ready for the next school day
  • Preparing lunches
  • Getting fussy kids out of bed
  • Scheduling pick up times or after school care
  • Juggling myriad after-school activities

What about those times your child is busy giving you a list of ridiculous reasons they have to miss school? You’ll appreciate the humour later, but not when you’re trying to complete the morning’s tasks, get everyone out of the house on time, and get to your job in one piece — mentally.

You Will Survive

Many of the rituals parents endure will become fond memories — for children too. Get your kids involved in the processes as much as possible. You can even find ways to make some of the tasks fun. Do as much prep work as possible from the night before.

What excuses have your creative kids used to try to get out of going to school? Share with us! National Baking Company salutes all you long-suffering parents. We wish you and your children a safe, healthy and happy school year.

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