Finding the perfect gift can be difficult and time-consuming. However, there are often simple ways to show how much you care. Gift baskets and care packages are a great gift alternative. Fill your personalised basket with our popular treats, and you can’t go wrong.

Say It With A Gift Basket

Large and small buns, breads, crackers, cookies, and cheese snacks are great fillers for any basket. Add your treats along with other items or fill your care package completely with snacks. We place a focus on delivering fresh products that taste great with every bite. We are also concerned about health and well-being so you can also select from our line of healthier snacks including the Healthy Start products.

For the student away at college, or that favourite niece or nephew, you will make a lasting impression. It’s also a nice gesture to an expatriate who hasn’t been to Jamaica in a while and who might be missing home. What better reminder of the good old days and our beautiful island, than a package filled with familiar products and the brand name that holds so many memories of home?

Perhaps there is someone you know who just loves our products. Gift baskets are great for any occasion, but they are also a great way to simply say you care – no occasion needed.

Simple but Meaningful

With a wide range of products, you’ll have more than enough to make your unique gift truly meaningful. A care package filled with various treats is not expensive but can be worth a lot because of your effort and thoughtfulness. You will also get a lot of satisfaction from putting the basket together and knowing it will be appreciated.

Small gestures can go a long way. So make a difference in someone’s day with your specially-prepared gift basket filled with goodies from National Baking Company. Our products can be found at select retail outlets near you. Take a look at our products page so you can start working on your gift basket ideas.