National Cream Crackers have been a part of the Jamaican story for several decades. Many of us can remember our parents purchasing the crackers with almost every trip to the grocery store. National Cream Crackers were a staple in practically every home, and not much has changed today.

When it’s snack time, it’s natural for many Jamaicans to reach for the crisp, easy treats. The great thing about National Cream Crackers is that they are versatile and can be enjoyed in so many ways.

National Cream Crackers Your Way

You can prepare these snacks based on preference or time of day. They can be served by themselves or as an accompaniment to many meals. We hear from our fans all the time, and they are always happy to share how they have their favourite crackers from National. Some of the most common options include National Cream Crackers with:

  • Sardines – however you like to season or prepare your sardines, spread them over your cream crackers for a healthy and tasty treat.
  • Sausages – National Cream Crackers are a great accompaniment to an egg and sausage breakfast, especially for children.
  • Butter – a little goes a long way. Just spread some butter for a simple yet tasty snack option.
  • Peanut Butter – is another quick and easy way to an enjoyable snack.
  • Cheese – including cheese spreads, makes for a rich and satisfying snack break.
  • Jam or jelly – are an all-time favourite. Guava jam, however, seems to be preserve of choice.
  • Pear (avocado) – try your avocado crushed or creamed and spread over your cracker.
  • Dips – the crackers are great with all kinds of dips including spinach and cheese dips.
  • Porridge – there are many Jamaicans who will tell you how much they love to crush and sprinkle the crackers over a warm bowl of porridge.
  • Fish tea – adding the crackers to a bowl of fish tea is also very popular.
  • Tea, coffee, or hot chocolate – some people are dunkers. Others like to put the crackers in their hot beverage.
  • Sweetened condensed milk – there are those who pour condensed milk over whole crackers while others crumble the crackers and add condensed milk.
  • Ice cream – crumbling the crackers and mixing into the ice cream is also quite enjoyable as well.

The crackers are also great for preparing a variety of hors d’oeuvres.

Time for a Treat

However you choose to have them, our National Cream Crackers are a light and delicious way to snack at any time of the day. From babies to the elderly, our crackers are a hit. And we won’t judge you when you realize you’ve eaten the whole bag. We understand. They’re just that good!