The melody and lyrics of Home T-4’s popular hit, Let the Christmas Catch You in a Good Mood, have been giving Jamaicans that special feeling for more than 30 years. The catchy song remains a favourite today because it invokes fond memories of a particular time in our country and captures the spirit of a Jamaican Christmas.

That Jamaican Vibe

From country to town, there is no denying that there is something unique about Christmas in Jamaica. Of course, there are those rituals that make this time of the year even more special. Whether some of these practices are specific to certain communities or the nation as a whole, there is a common thread that links our celebrations. Our practices and even our idea of the Christmas spirit are steeped in a legacy of pride, survival and cultural infusion.

Culture and Traditions

Historically, presents were never the focus of a Jamaican Christmas. It was always about togetherness, the birth of Christ and long-held traditions. It starts with that “Christmas feeling.” A part of that feeling includes the activities that take place as we get ready for that important day.

  • Jamaicans take pride in soaking fruits for the much-celebrated Christmas rum cake. Similar preparations for sorrel are a must and the truly hardcore start these processes months in advance.
  • Then there is Grand Market when Jamaicans would gather in town centres for huge Christmas Eve celebrations.
  • Church on Christmas morning is still a must for many.
  • If you don’t paint or “fix up” the house any other time, you definitely do it at Christmas.

Of course, we look forward to a huge Christmas dinner with the family. Many of our traditions have, unfortunately, not stood the test of time. However, it’s just something in the air that still gives us that special feeling that’s uniquely ours.

Happy Holidays from National Baking Company

Whether you’re away from home, struggling to get on your feet or just don’t feel the Christmas spirit, tapping into that Jamaican holiday vibe is sure to restore that magic. There are so many things that make our holiday celebrations special. We hope you’ll share some of your memories and traditions and help to make someone else’s day a little brighter. So to our family and friends at home and abroad, here’s to a safe and blessed holiday season, from National.

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