HTB – more than just letters, this trademark represents one of National Baking Company’s most beloved and recognised brands. The HTB logo hearkens back to National’s early days of dominance in Jamaica and Caribbean. The company’s rapid growth resulted in the acquisition of Hannah Town Bakery in the early 1970s, leading to the HTB line of products.

Consistent Image Through the Years

The logo is proudly displayed on our breads, crackers and biscuits. However, it perhaps most often associated with our buns — especially our spiced loaf buns, or the Easter bun. The logo is hard to miss and stands out easily among other products. HTB has long been a symbol of quality and continues to deliver satisfaction to customers everywhere.

For Jamaican expatriates, it is an easy and obvious reminder of home. It is hard to see the logo and not think of Jamaica or Easter. It is always a pleasant experience to come across HTB products in foreign locations – especially where it was not expected. It is certainly heartwarming to have a piece of home when away from home. HTB reflects a history of longevity and excellence in delivering quality products. You’ll always appreciate that logo — even if you see the products every day. Our products depict a sense of pride and promise of freshness with every bite. We feel confident in saying that not all brands will evoke the same emotions.

More than a Logo

The logo doesn’t just distinguish our products from others offered by National or competitors; it is a part of our culture. We are certainly proud that our logo is tied to a specific and meaningful event. It’s hard not to think of Easter or our popular Easter bun jingle when you see the logo or hear mention of the brand. HTB is one of the first brands to become established in households in Jamaica, and we are happy to see our products still being enjoyed today.

The simple but effective design has helped to build a brand loyalty that has allowed us to remain competitive even as new products enter the market. We are happy to bring HTB products to our markets in the USA and the UK. We want you to enjoy fresh, authentic Jamaican products – just like when you were home.