For many Jamaican expatriates, the winter wonderland is cute for only so long. When you have the tropics in your blood, the beauty and wonder of the fresh, white snow can give way to misery fast. The biting cold and slipping and sliding because of icy conditions can take some of the fun out of this time of the year. However, for our friends in New York and the UK, we can help out a bit — at least when it comes to keeping you nice and cosy indoors.

Tea Time

Jamaicans love their tea. “Cocoa tea,” “coffee tea,” “ginger tea” — you name it — it’s tea first thing in the morning, last thing at night and often in between. Whether we’re conditioned to having regular hot beverages or just need to “buss up some gas,” tea is a significant part of our daily diet. A nice cup of tea is a great way to get a little warmth on a chilly day. You will enjoy that cup even more with a tasty treat to accompany it.

National produces a variety of buns, biscuits, crackers, and cookies. You can enjoy these snacks as you sip your hot beverage, or if you’re a “dunker,” then that’s just as good a way to go. Didn’t know we have Bullas? Give National Ginger and Spice Bullas a try, and you’ll have a hard time deciding which of our treats is your favourite. We have just as many options that will certainly appeal to the kids as well. Any of our biscuits or cookies with a warm cup of milk will be an instant hit!

Spreading Warmth and Comfort

We still carry your old favourites, and we’ve added several new snacks you’re sure to love as well. We’ve expanded our distribution centres so that Jamaicans in New York and the UK can find it easier to purchase their cherished National treats. You’ll find a lot of choices with our HoMade, National and HTB brands. So as the heater kicks in, or the fire gets going, you’ll enjoy a little more comfort as you take a bite of your tasty snack and become filled with warm memories of home.

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