Thanksgiving is only a week away, and many are busy with plans for the big day. Jamaicans love to party and relish any opportunity for a get-together. For most Jamaicans living in the United States, Thanksgiving is just another opportunity to celebrate with family and friends. Though not a Jamaican holiday, Jamaicans in America have incorporated annual Thanksgiving celebrations and made it their own.

A Jamaican Thanksgiving

Of course, you know we have to “Jamaicanize” the turkey; so jerked turkey is a popular feature on many Thanksgiving tables these days. The turkey might be the centrepiece, but when you’re Jamaican, there are certain all-stars that must make their expected appearance. You can’t have a gathering of Jamaicans without at least jerked chicken, curried goat, jerked pork, and rice and peas!

  • Throw in some National or HTB Hardo bread to help “sop up” that delicious curry
  • Or if you’re lucky enough to have escoveitched fish you’ll definitely appreciate having some Hardo bread around
  • If you really want to impress your guests, use any of our breads to take your stuffing game to a new level
  • Our fresh, tender, dinner rolls are the perfect accompaniment to any meal

Don’t forget the kids, now. National carries a variety of snacks including biscuits and cookies that the little ones are sure to love. How about some Cranberry jam or apple sauce on National Cream Crackers or Crispy Thins? Just make sure you have enough because one thing about our treats — they’ve been popular for generations and also enjoyed by generations.

Make Thanksgiving Easy with National

When you’re playing host, you think about all the work and preparation needed to make everything perfect, and it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Don’t allow the demands of the day to cause you to miss out on the togetherness and fun. Make National a part of your meal planning, and you’ll be sure to have one major part of your party checklist covered.

If you’re not the host this year, be a good party guest a bring over a few treats from National. We’re now in a store near you, and you’re sure to find a few goodies that your fellow party guests will appreciate. So here’s to ’nuff food, ital vibes, and a Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at National Baking Company!

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