Easter is just around the corner, and many are busy making plans for various festivities and outings. One major component, of course, is a much-revered staple at this time of the year. Delicious loaf buns go hand in hand with Easter for Jamaicans. Hardcore bun fans will eat the sweet treat day in, day out and still have a special place in their hearts for it come Easter. For those living outside the country, however, getting a fresh and regular supply can be difficult. Well, National’s come to the rescue! We’ve opened distribution centres near you so you can easily get your bun fix. You can now get that fresh quality you were used to at home whenever you desire.

We Totally Get Tradition

National was built on a legacy of family and support for Jamaicans and the Jamaican culture. We know that no matter where in the world you go, you never truly leave home. You still hold dear many of the special characteristics and practices of our people. Easter is one of our most cherished holidays. Its religious significance is paramount, but it is also a special time because of observances that are unique to the Jamaican culture. We work hard to make sure that you keep traditions and memories of home alive.

You Can now Order Easter Buns Online!

When you crave your Easter Bun and other National goodies, we understand that it’s not a trivial issue. It’s a serious need that must be fulfilled! In addition to expanding our overseas distribution centres, we have strengthened our online presence to include an e-commerce site. You can now order your favourite snacks online — anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to wait for someone “coming up” so you can give them a long list of everything you need from Jamaica. As far as snacks from National are concerned, we’ve got you covered. Apart from our popular HTB Easter Bun, you’ll also find buns from our other brands. We have so many tantalising snacks that you might be tempted to order everything! If you’re in Jamaica, you can be that favourite friend or family member who sends much-needed care packages to loved ones overseas. We’ve just made it easier for everyone to get their Easter Buns and other favourite snacks from home. Be sure to place your order for your Easter Bun today so that it can get there on time!