National Baking FAQ

How long has National Baking Company been in operation?

The company was started in 1952 by Reginald Hendrickson. Thereafter his sons Karl and Larry managed the growth NBC. In 1994 Gary ‘Butch’ Hendrickson, son of Karl took over the reign and have been spearheading the growth and development of company. You can get more information on the company by clicking here.

What is the company’s motto?

Delivering Freshness Everyday.

Where is National located?

The corporate office is located at 43 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston Jamaica.

What products are currently manufactured by the company?

NBC currently carries a wide variety of breads, buns, biscuits and snacks. See them all in detail by clicking here.

Where are the products sold?

Our products are sold in Jamaica, The USA, Canada and the UK and several Caribbean islands. You can find more information by clicking here.

Who handles the distribution of products?

National Baking Company handles the distribution of its products in Jamaica’s eastern side and Baking Enterprises on the western side.

How do I go about purchasing shares in the company?

NBC is privately owned and not listed on the Jamaica Stock Exchange so it is not possible to purchase shares at this time.

How many people are employed to the company?

The company currently employs over 800 persons, inclusive of the production, administrative, sales and distribution teams. Learn more about Team National by clicking here.

How big a player is NBC in the local baking industry?

National has become the largest company in the baking industry, offering the widest array of products manufactured by any such company in the island.

Is the company involved in charity work and if yes, what type?

For several years, NBC has been involved in a range of charity work. The company has offered student scholarships, contributed to many charities and partnered in many projects geared towards helping the less fortunate. The most well known project, ‘Crayons Count,’ has aided hundreds of schools by providing learning kits for students. For more information on our many projects click here.

How does the company view its customers?

NBC believes that our success is due largely to our loyal consumers and, as such, they are our number one priority.