Summer is well underway, and the school break often presents challenges for parents. Children being at home all day, every day can be overwhelming in many ways. Take some time to make a holiday schedule, so you know they will be safe with plenty to keep them occupied. It’s also a good idea to get them involved in the planning, so everyone can survive and enjoy the summer holiday.

Make Learning Fun

For children, summer should be all about fun. It will be hard for a child to understand why time should be set aside time for studies when they looked forward to the break to get away from just that. However, research shows that children who don’t maintain some level of study during the summer holiday, show a decline in performance when they return to school. Many don’t have a choice as extra lessons or summer classes are a given. However, when it’s time for homeschooling, get creative so that it’s fun.

Find games that are age appropriate and entertaining. They will find themselves having a good time without even realising how much they are learning. There are many apps and online programmes that will keep them occupied as well. Too much screen time and inactivity can be bad for their health. Incorporate ideas that get them moving.

Don’t Forget Meals

You’re not alone if you find you have to spend a little more on food during summer. The kids will constantly be in and out of the kitchen all summer. Make sure you keep your refrigerator and cupboards stocked with the foods they love. Have plenty of healthy options such as water, fruits and vegetables.

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