It’s often hard to resist a good snack — whether salty or sweet. Some of our favourites are those we enjoyed as children and they might still remain popular well into our adult years.

National Baking Company has been providing a variety of snacks and other food items for more than 60 years. With a wide selection that includes buns, breads, crackers, and cookies, it is easy to find something you like.

A Little Taste of Home

One problem for those who move away from home is that it is generally difficult (and sometimes impossible) to find those cherished foods and snacks. You look for every opportunity to present your list of must-haves to anyone coming from home. National is now bringing a little taste of Jamaica to you by expanding distribution within the United States and the UK. We want to make sure that you continue the enjoy the products you loved so much when you were home.

Delivering Freshness

We have always placed a premium on quality in every phase of operation. This is so that you can have products that are not only satisfying and true to what you know and love, but also represent who we are as a company. When you buy goods from any of our brands, we want you to have the same satisfaction and experience as if you were home. Every bite should be as good as you remembered. That is why our goal is to provide authentic Jamaican products, delivered the right way.

More Than a Snack

When you are away from your beloved country, it is natural that the products you used to know hold an even deeper meaning. So we know when it comes to our foods, they are more than snacks. They hold memories — of times, people, places, childhood, and our sweet, sweet, Jamaica. It is our pleasure to help you keep those memories, with a trip home, in every bite. Look for us in stores near you or you can easily place your order online.