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We have set up distribution centres in New York to serve all five boroughs. Eventually, we will expand to serve other states along the east coast. Our London distribution centre will serve London, Greater London, Manchester, Birmingham, and North Hampton.

National Baking Company Jamaica Distribution


Home to the National, HTB, and HoMade brands, Jamaica has produced a business environment that reflects a history of gritty and defiant entrepreneurship. National Baking Company emerged from the resolve of a businessman operating out of a small bakery in St. Elizabeth. The history of the evolution of National Baking Company shows a level of business intellect often associated with major players on the world stage.

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National Baking Company London Distribution


The United Kingdom for many Jamaicans is home away from home. Our ties as a former British colony mean a strong entwining of British and uniquely Jamaican customs. This connection remains strong with the large populations of Jamaican immigrants and the flow of Jamaicans to the former mother country that still continues today.


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National Baking Company New York Distribution

New York

New York has historically been home to a large population of Jamaican immigrants who have played a vital role in spreading our culture to the region. A large part of this cultural infusion, of course, has been our food and music. For those across the United States craving authentic Jamaican products, if they weren’t able to get it from home, New York was a likely option. But there was still an issue of supply, particularly of preferred brands and old time favourites.

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We are always looking for ways to improve service to our customers. Currently, we are refining distribution to make our products more readily available to Jamaicans overseas. You might leave home, but you take with you lasting memories and traditions. Many Jamaican expatriates know it is next to impossible to have the same experiences once yuh lef yaad. So we hold on to as much of it as possible. One thing Jamaicans will always tell you they miss more than anything is the food — authentic Jamaican food and snacks.

As we increase our presence in these regions, we will continue to engage with our customers through various activities including our much-anticipated jerk festivals.

National Baking Company — Filling the Gap

We spent a lot of time researching and analysing the needs of Jamaicans in certain markets. We assessed the availability of Jamaican products in those markets. We listened to our stakeholders and we determined the best way for National to respond.

We are bringing our products to you, one distribution centre at a time. Our goal is to have more control over the quality and the availability of our products. National will distribute products directly to our retail partners in select locations.

National Bakery History

There are not many family-owned companies that have had the social, economic, and even environmental impact that National Baking Company has made in Jamaica. The unassuming Hendrickson family, has for four generations, provided jobs, introduced and influenced new processes, and inspired social consciousness.
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National Baking Company Jamaica Factory
National Baking Company Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Jamaicans are familiar with the various non-profit programmes established to help those in need. However, many might not necessarily know the faces or even the names of those making these initiatives possible. In the case of the National Baking Company’s giving history, this might have to do with the CEO’s true passion for altruism rather than the need for personal accolades and recognition, or even financial reward.
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National in Your Grocery Store

You can look for many of your favourites that you knew from back home, as well as some new treats. You will be able to find Jamaican baked bread; Jamaican baked goods such as bullas, crackers, biscuits; and other snacks right in your neighbourhood. The main advantages of this move — consistency and quality.

We know it’s not home, after all, “no weh nuh betta dan yaad.” But soon, a trip to your local grocer will make you feel pretty close.

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